Rob Dunsford

I've been a keen photographer since my childhood - running around shooting anything and everything with whichever point-and-shoot camera Mum had at the time - perhaps a Kodak Instamatic or an Agfamatic. Dad had some proper SLR equipment but, wisely, he kept that out of reach.

Fast forward 20 years and my interest in photography was waning - until digital SLRs started to appear - and I bought myself a Canon EOS 10D. I also invested in some quality lenses and found work photographing bands, shooting weddings, motorsports and equestrian events.

In more recent times I've been seduced by the iPhone and its incredible camera. It's the camera I always have with me - fits in my pocket and takes photos I'm really happy with. In fact, I've sold far more stock images taken with my iPhone than I have with my Canon EOS 5D!

For the last couple of years I've been writing tutorials, reviews and articles about smartphone photography for and, as well as for several iPhone photography accessory manufacturers.